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How to treat your bunion pain without surgery?

Bunion pain can be quite debilitating especially when you have had the issue for a long time. The good news is there are some non-surgical ways you can do to treat your bunion pain.


- Footwear should have a strong heel counter; midsole and laces for the best support

- Deep and wide toebox with flexible upper material which allows movement of your feet

- Should not be able to twist or bend in the middle. The only place it should bend is underneath the toes

- The ratio from heel to forefoot is 2:1 (aim for 2 cm heel height and 1 cm forefoot height)

- Avoid high heels and unsupportive footwear

- Change the lacing technique if you find the forefoot is still tight

Intrinsic foot strengthening exercises

Towel curls; tennis ball rolling massage and calf stretch exercises can help to relieve some of the bunion pain.

Massage on both arches and in between 1st and 2nd toes

When you have bunions, your adductor hallucis and dorsal interossei muscles get shorten and you can get trigger point pain in this area. Massage both of your arches, around your bunion and in between your 1st and 2nd digits helps to alleviate the pain. Also speak to your podiatrist about other options such as dry needling; deep tissue massage and foot mobilization therapy to help loosen up the joints and target all of the trigger points effectively.

Custom made orthotics for bunion pain

Custom made orthotics can be used to reduce the progress and severity of bunions. Custom made orthotics are different to the one you purchased at the pharmacy as they customized to your foot type base on our thorough biomechanical assessment and gait analysis.

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